New Advancements In Our Fabrication Process

There are some exciting changes here at Natural Stoneworks, we have moved into the digital age! Not that we have just discovered Facebook and Google but rather our process has made a stride into the future. Back in March we purchased a new CNC saw and water jet machine and with it came a new digital template system. The new system enables the granite countertop fabrication process to become more streamlined and efficient. It's both a benefit for you and for us in achieving our goal of delivering beautiful pieces of natural stone and quartz for you and your family or business to enjoy. See what's different with our updated process below:

  1. Selection
  2. What has happened to face-to-face interaction? We still believe that the best way to communicate is in person. First in our granite countertop fabrication process we invite you to bring your ideas and visions to our showroom in Lancaster, PA. As you walk through our vast collection of different slabs and sample pieces our design team can discuss your ideas and show you different options. If we do not have what you're looking for in our inventory or samples we will bring it in for you to view. We find that bringing with you a copy of your kitchen plan or layout with measurements makes this part of the process go smoothly. Color samples of your walls and a cabinet door sample are also helpful to assist our designers in helping you make the best color selection. The more you give us to work with, that better the project will turn out.

  3. Estimation
  4. After you choose one or a few different colors, we will go over different variables in your kitchen so we can create a custom estimate for your job. These variables include such things as whether or not you have an under mount sink, cook top/type of stove, if you want a granite or tile backsplash, are we removing existing countertops, do we need to build your countertops up to meet an existing tile backsplash and what type of edge profile you desire. We do not give square foot (SF) pricing because we know each job design is unique. Be aware that many of the companies that offer SF pricing have hidden fees that are added on after they receive your deposit and make the template.

  5. Template
  6. Here is where our new digital system shines. The new laser templating system gets a precise template of your project and is able to template over existing countertops. No details are overlooked including sink/faucet holes, overhangs and radiuses. You will need to have your sink, faucet and cook top (if applicable) on site when we make the template, without them the process can become delayed. The typical turnaround time from template to installation is about 1 week.

  7. Fabrication
  8. After the template is made the digital file is then brought to our CNC programmer where it is uploaded to a computer program that allows us to find the best layout for your selected slab or slabs. Here all unique details such as grain, flow and spots can be utilized in the layout to accentuate these traits and characteristics that is unique to your particular granite countertop. We give careful attention to these aspects, as we believe doing this artfully is what separates our product from cheaper bargain countertops.

    Once the best layout is found a digital file is uploaded to our CNC machine that then precisely cuts out the template while including your stone's unique characteristics. A powerful water jet then cuts out finer details like sink and faucet holes. The pieces are then moved to our detailing area where our craftsmen route and hand polish your countertop. For polishing, we use seven different polishing grits to create a mirror-like shine on the edges. There are some companies that take shortcuts and only use three polishing grits and then apply a concealing wax to create a shine that is only temporary and will dull in a short period of time after tops are installed.

  9. Installation
  10. Our expert installation team will then deliver your granite countertops. They will carefully place the countertops into your home or business and complete the necessary steps to secure any sinks, caulk along back edges, create near invisible seams and seal the countertops. After final touches our installers bid adieu and leave your new centerpiece.

    When our truck pulls away doesn't mean our service to you ends. Our goal is to leave you confident with knowledge on care and treatment of your granite countertops, however, if any question or concern arises after installation we encourage you to reach out to us.