Does granite have pits or fissures?

Yes. Pits and fissures are part of the natural crystalline structure of the stone. There are always tiny spaces or pits between the mineral crystals. The appearance of pits can be minimized by applying sealer to the surface of the counter. Occasionally, fissures are also visible. Fissures may resemble cracks, but they are not a structural defect. Fissures are a natural result of the incredibly high pressure and heat formed in the granite eons ago. Some styles of granite may contain more pits and fissures than other types. 

How often do I need to seal my granite?

We do not recommend any set schedule for re-sealing granite. Our installers will apply sealer when they install your tops. The frequency for re-sealing depends on the stone and the amount of use that the countertops see. An easy guideline is to monitor around the sink. If you begin to notice that water does not bead up, or soaks into the stone within 15 minutes, then it is probably time to re-seal. Re-sealing is easy. Simply wipe on and wipe off. We offer sealers for purchase in our showroom or by phone. 

Do I need to have Natural Stoneworks install my tile?

No. We do not stock quantities of tile however we will order your selections for you to purchase. Common tile orders may only take a couple days to receive. Hand-made and specialty tiles may take 3 - 6 weeks. 

Is granite difficult to take care of? Do I need special cleaners?

Granite is almost maintenance-free. For daily cleaning, we recommend mild dish soap and water. No Windex. Washcloths are better than sponges because sponges can leave streaks on the polished surface.

For more intense cleaning, we recommend StoneTech products. The Revitalizer, which cleans, seals, and polishes all in one, is available in a spray as well as convenient wipes. 

Do granites differ in quality?

Yes. Quality stone should have very clear crystals and exhibit the color and characteristics of its type. Natural Stoneworks only uses the best quality stone available. Many companies who advertise extremely low granite prices use inferior commercial grade stone and/ or use several seams to adjoin small stone pieces. 

Does it make a difference who cuts and installs my stone?

Yes. Accurate templating and cutting are the beginning of a quality stone job. Polishing requires expertise. The polish should have a mirror-like shine without swirl marks from the polisher. Our experienced craftsmen also ensure that smooth seams are placed in discreet areas. We also maximize the slab layout to achieve the least amount of seams possible. When needed, we add strength to somewhat fragile stones (usually marbles) by drilling and inserting rods in the back of the slab - another sign of quality stone work. 

Can I use tile on my patio or pool deck?

Yes. We can direct you to tiles that would be appropriate for patio and outdoor use. Porcelain or stone tile is able to withstand the freezing and thawing that we experience in this area. Slip resistant tiles are available for pool areas.